Diwan partners with Openwave to create multilingual WAP browser

February 2002 PRESS RELEASE

Diwan partners with Openwave to create multilingual WAP browser

Diwan Software Limited, an innovator in multilingual software, has announced that it has been contracted by Openwave Systems Inc. to add multilingual, bi-directional text support to the OpenwaveTMobile Browser that is used in over 200 million phones worldwide. This will enable the Openwave browser to display all right-to-left languages including Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu (Example). As part of this agreement, Diwan will license its text engine to Openwave for use in its version 5 and later mobile browsers.

The Diwan text engine handles Unicode text, the full Unicode reordering model, and has been designed to work within the memory and speed constraints of a small device.

Diwan and Openwave will cooperate to establish extensions to existing standards like WAP to allow for complete support of right-to-left content.

Adil Allawi, technical director of Diwan Software adds: "The mobile revolution is the next major leap in communications after the internet. Openwave's cooperation with Diwan will be a major step forward in bring this revolution to Middle Eastern markets. We are working together to make it possible for all mobile phone users in the Middle East being able to access information and services as easily in their local language as they can now in English. Because of lack of support for right-to-left text, the internet revolution took two years to come to the Middle East. It is Diwan's aim to work with leading-edge companies to bring new solutions to expanding markets so that the Middle East has parity with the rest of the world".

"Openwave is pleased to work with Diwan to add multilingual capabilities to our Mobile Browser," said Ric Mommer, senior manager for Openwave. "This added feature will help our OEM customers reach a much broader market with their handsets."

About Diwan:
Diwan Software Limited has pioneered technology for multilingual computing. Throughout its 15 year history Diwan has always supplied the highest quality computer software for multilingual text. Diwan was the main consultant to Apple Computer for the Arabic Macintosh and has gone on to produce a high end Desktop Publishing application that is the industry standard in the Middle East. An innovator in the field mobile computing, Diwan announced the first ever Arabic WAP publishing system as well as one of the first Arabic typefaces designed especially for mobile devices. Diwan has offices in London and Amman and has recently opened an office in Dubai Internet City.

About Openwave:
"Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) is the worldwide leader of open IP-based communication infrastructure software and applications. Openwave is a global company headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information, please visit www.openwave.com."

Press Contact:

Adil Allawi
Technical Director
Diwan Software Ltd
37-39 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UH,UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7 2525 333
Fax: +44 (0)20 7 2525 444
email: info@diwan.com

A simulation of the Openwave browser in Arabic. This shows the browsing of a sample email application and a calendar application on the small screen of a mobile phone.