Consulting Work & Solutions

Diwan has a well-established record for providing custom solutions and consultation work in the fields of
Arabization, software development, and educational technology.


We have a long experience in providing Arabic support for a number of well-known platforms and applications. Our support ranges from providing the low level text shaping and bi-directional engines, customized Arabic fonts, to high level consultations related to usability, translation, and quality control for Arabic support. Over the last 20 years Diwan has worked with companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Zynga, Siemens, and Sun Microsystems providing different levels of supports and services. For Arabization, our services can be summarized as

  • Providing a highly optimized, small-footprint, Arabic shaping, and BiDi (bi-directional) text engine based on the Unicode Standard.

  • A web-based version of our engine is available.

  • Adding Arabic support to existing systems and devices.

  • Consultancy for providing Arabic support on existing systems.

  • Providing optimized Arabic fonts for different platforms.

  • Providing advanced Arabic calligraphic fonts along with a specialized text engine.

  • Quality control for Arabic support ensuring that Arabic support is up to a high standard and in compliance with the Unicode standard recommendations.

Software development

Working in software development since the 1990s, we have the experience, and resources needed to develop, or support in the development of custom software solutions. Our staff includes experts in interaction design and user-centered design ensuring that the solutions we develop provide the best possible user experience.

Educational technology

In addition to our general experience in software development, Diwan has invested heavily in educational technology research and development. Developing educational application is not just about the technology, but about understanding how technology can best empower the teacher and the learners. Diwan can help you develop educational solutions from the grounds-up, or provide you with the support needed at any stage of your product development life-cycle.

Past projects
  • Developed Oannis on Windows 7. The first Interactive Classroom System in the region and used by Dubai Police Academy, in the UAE.

  • Developed the standard Arabic fonts used by Apple Inc. in Mac OS X, and iOS.

  • Created a fully electronic classroom for the Oman Ministry of Education. This has been confirmed by Intel to be the first time such a system has been successfully deployed in the world.

  • Worked with W3C and Microsoft to add Arabic mathematical symbols to Unicode standard.

  • Consultant to Yahoo! Inc. for Arabic support in its web properties.

  • Working with W3C and Google to define right-to-left language support in HTML5.

  • Worked with Google to convert their web application system “Google Web Toolkit” to handle Arabic.

  • Digitisation of the high school curriculum (three classes, 90 educational book) for the Republic of Yemen Ministry of Education.

  • Digitisation of the high school curriculum for the Oman Ministry of Education.

  • Implemented Islamic, electronic educational books (21 book) for all the education classes in Saudi Arabia for Dar al Wasilah. Approved by the Saudi Ministry of Education to be the standard for study of the Islamic curriculum.

  • Consultation for Sun Microsystems on Arabic support in StarOffice.

  • Internationalization of the Openwave mobile browser to provide full support for the bi-directional features of XHTML and support for Arabic, Thai, Devanagari, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and other complex languages.

  • Coding of Openwave mobile browser to handle multilingual text, and licensing of specialised software and fonts. Used in Sony Erricson, Motorola, Siemens, Sagem and other mobile phones.

  • Internationalization of software in Siemens mobile phones to support Arabic, Thai and Malayalam.

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