Diwan Partners with Siemens on Arabic S35i Mobile Phone


Diwan partners with Siemens on Arabic S35i Mobile Phone
Siemens has contracted Diwan Software Limited to help produce the Arabic version of their new S35i and C35i Mobile Phones.

Diwan has produced an Arabic font which has been specially designed for mobile phone screens to be compact and highly readable. Diwan is also working on the localization of the on-screen messages to write them in a clear and understandable way for the Arabic user. Diwan and Siemens are also exploring other areas for cooperation in extending the use of Arabic language in future Siemens products.

With the new larger screens and many features of the S35i mobile the quality of the text on the mobile phone screen is more important than ever. By combining Diwan's Arabic fonts and expertise Siemens has a produced a telephone with both leading-edge features and excellence in Arabic support.

Throughout its 15 year history Diwan has always supplied the highest quality computer software for the Arabic language and text. Siemens produces some of the best mobile telephony products in the world. By working with Diwan we believe they will now have the best products for the Arabic market.

Adil Allawi, Technical director of Diwan Software adds: "This is a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile technology. As function of mobile telephones converges with that of computers so the need for high quality text increases. This is the first time that a mobile telephone manufacturer has worked with a specialist typography company. We are not just creating a font but building the foundation for the next revolution in Arabic communications. With Apple Computer, Diwan brought the computer revolution to Arabic printing communications, now with Siemens Diwan hopes to bring about the same revolution in mobile communications."


Based in London England and the Internet City in Dubai, Diwan Software Limited has pioneered the use of Arabic on the computer. Diwan was the main consultant to Apple Computer for the Arabic Macintosh and has gone on to produce the high end Desktop Publishing application al-Nashir al-Sahafi. Diwan has one of the largest libraries of quality Arabic typefaces including the Mishafi font which has recently received a prestigious Award of Excellence from the Type Directors Club.

Siemens is the fastest growing Mobile Phone brand in Europe with planned sales of 30 million devices between Oct. '99 and Sep. ''00. Siemens has recently introduced two models C35i and S35i aimed for consumer and business segment of the market. Besides supporting all popular features the C35i and S35i offer WAP capability to users.

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