Diwan Launches Ready,Set,Go! 7.1 Internet

25 October 1997 PRESS RELEASE V

The new version of Ready,Set,Go! to take advantage of Internet Publishing.

LONDON, England. -- October 25, 1997 -- Diwan today launched Ready,Set,Go! 7.1 Internet, the latest version of Diwan's popular desktop publishing application. The new version provides major enhancements in the area of Internet publishing and text importing.

Internet Publishing

Ready,Set,Go! 7.1 Internet will convert documents directly to HTML keeping much of the text formatting and the images from the original. In addition users can add hot links to both text and images to create fully functional web pages. On complex, newspaper-style pages, articles can be grouped together and will remain in the same order when exported. All JPEG and GIF images (the main image formats for the web) are exported to the HTML file.

Support for the new Unicode standard

Text can be imported and exported in the 'ISO 8859' format. This is the English portion of the new Unicode standard which will soon be the new standard for encoding text worldwide.

Read/Write any text encoding

The new version adds a new file called the 'Text Translator Annex'. This is a user configurable file which allows the user to enable Ready,Set,Go! 7.1 Internet to read or write any text format. For example, the Annex can be configured to read text from little used DOS systems. The new text formats can be used to publish text to the internet.

Other enhancements include faster picture searching and full support for the latest Apple PostScript printer drivers.

Pricing Information

The suggested retail price (SRP) for Ready,Set,Go! 7.1 Internet is $250.
Diwan Software Ltd. is a leading worldwide vendor of al-Nashir al-Sahafi and Ready,Set,Go! desktop publishing applications, with headquarters in London, England.
With around 40,000 users worldwide, Diwan is one of the major producers of desktop publishing software.


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