Ready,Set,Go! 7 Classic - A letter to all Ready,Set,Go! users

May 1997 - Diwan welcomes the Ready,Set,Go! 7 users worldwide! 

Diwan Software Ltd. has taken over worldwide distribution and support of Ready,Set,Go! 7. This includes, in addition to our existing markets, the American, Canadian and Australian markets. As part of our commitment to our new customers Diwan will make available a free update to Ready,Set,Go! 7 and will also produce regular future versions. Please read on for more details!

Diwan has been working on Ready, Set, Go! since 1986. We produced the first Arabic version of RSG called al-Nashir al-Sahafi which still is the leading DTP Software package in the Middle East. Since 1986, Diwan has been working jointly with Manhattan Graphics on Ready,Set,Go! versions 6, 7 and GX.

Diwan's plan for future development of Ready,Set,Go! includes adding features like Internet Publishing and Tables.

Technical Support:

Diwan will supply a free update for all Ready,Set,Go! 7 users to fix problems in the existing version. This update is now available for downloading from our web site.
We are also working on a Help Page on our web site to provide technical support and information for Ready,Set,Go! 7 users. Please be patient with us during this period of transition!
Meanwhile we can offer free technical support via e-mail and fax. Please send any questions regarding Ready,Set,Go! to our Technical Support Team who will be happy to assist you!

E-mail us at:

or fax us on:
USA East Coast: (212) 208-4578
USA West Coast: (213) 477-2295
UK: 020 7 2525 444
Rest of the World: +44 20 7 2525 444


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