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Mac: Ready,Set,Go!

Is Ready,Set,Go! compatible with the latest Mac OS X systems?
Ready,Set,Go! 7 for Mac is NOT compatible with Mac OS X v.10.7 or higher and will NOT be upgraded.
For advice on how to open/access your RSG 7 documents please email Diwan Support.

Are there still any updates available for Ready,Set,Go!?
Last available update for RSG 7.7 for Mac OS X was version 7.7.8. It can be downloaded here.

Requires a PowerPC or Intel Mac running Mac OS X v.10.3 to 10.6 (but not 10.7 or later).
Requires original RSG 7.6.x registration name and serial number to run:
Please refer to your original order confirmation for your registration name and serial number, which can be copied and pasted into the registration window. The confirmation was emailed to you at the time of your purchase from or For purchases from our Diwan Online Store you can access customer support via:

Are documents created by RSG for Mac compatible with RSG Ruby for Windows and vice versa?
Yes, they are compatible, but you need to keep the following in mind:

A. To open RSG 7 documents in RSG Ruby for Windows:
- Add the extension .rsg to the end of the RSG Mac document before transferring it to your PC
- double-click the document

B. To open RSG Ruby for Windows documents in RSG 7 for Mac OS X requires the RSG Windows documents to be exported to RSG 7 format first by:
- choosing 'Export...' from the RSG Ruby for Windows 'File' menu
- setting 'Save as Type: Ready,Set,Go!7 (*rsg)'
- clicking 'Save'
It has some feature which are not available in the Mac version. So, if you use any of these features in RSG Ruby they won't transfer back to RSG for Mac correctly. These are:

OpenType fonts
Drop Shadows
Designer Borders
Export as PDA e-books

C. Finally, there are some important issues that are related to the differences between the Macintosh and Windows platforms that may prevent your RSG Mac documents from being converted perfectly to Windows. These are listed below:
1/ Fonts
Some standard Macintosh fonts such as Helvetica, Times and Courier are not available on Windows. These can be replaced as follows:

Windows   <-   Macintosh
Arial <- Helvetica
Times New Roman <- Times
Courier New <- Courier
Wingdings <- Zapf Dingbats

Due to very small differences in the units of measure between Macintosh and Windows, lines may not always break on exactly the same word.

2/ Images
Some embedded PICT images may not appear or may not appear correctly. These will need to be re-saved as EPS or as Tiff images and re-imported.

3/ Printer Settings - Due to the difference between the printer drivers on Macintosh and Windows you should make sure that your document has the correct printer page size before printing.

For further questions email: